Blue Giraffe on Sanibel Island

Blue Giraffe on Sanibel Island

Make your way through the winding pathways of Periwinkle Place to reveal Sanibel Island’s Blue Giraffe, the place to unwind and soak up the Spirit of Sanibel.

Nestled in-between tropical landscaping and fountains, The Blue Giraffe is the best spot on Sanibel to eat, kick back and relax, island-style. Swing by to taste island-inspired fare, sip on a tropical beverage at the full bar and cool off with a sweet treat — we know you’ll enjoy everything we have to offer. Since we opened our doors, we have gained a devoted following of locals who love us, and visitors who just can’t get enough.

Why shouldn’t island dining be as relaxing as everything else on Sanibel? You’ll leave wondering why you ever considered dining anywhere else.

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